The Digital Signage Solution for LED Walls, Screens and more from Voglhuber GmbH.

Modern HTML5 Web Application

State of the art cloud based and mobile friendly web application from scratch implemented.

In-house development

We have our own in-house team available to continually develop, implement and update our software product.

Simple, quick and easy

In just 3 short steps.

  • Upload

    Start by upload your media elements to our media gallery. Within our media gallery you can organize them aswell as stage them directly for booking. There is no need to create labour intensive playlists out of your selected media elements.

  • Book

    Booking of your media elements can directly continue after upload. Regardless of whether you book one or many, just specify a timeframe in which the element should be displayed. After selecting the displays where the element should be booked on and you are ready to go.

  • Verify

    If a booking was creatd directly by a retail user you are in charge to decide if the booking request follows your guidelines or not. You can either accept the booking switching it to live even in this exact moment or simply reject it.

Also suitable for retrofitting existing installations in combination with our hardware solution

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Module based application

Only buy and pay what you really need and use.

Basic package

This module is the foundation and is always required as a base where all additional features plug into. It contains all the functionallity you need to get started. Ideal for samll businesses or for displays not capable supporting additional features covered by our modules.

Road rules and regulations

If your LED display is located on a public road, these modules will allow you to operate in compliance with austrian RVS road regulations.

With this module we provide you with a complete recording of when was what element shown on which display. Ideal if your customer requires a corresponding proof.


Electric components can become inoperative or malfunction. With this module you get informed if a device does not operate as expected.


Webcams are a quick and easy solution to manually check for error-free operation. If the location permits recording this module allows you access to a live video feed.

Larger number of displays or many advertisers?

In order to manage a larger number of displays or advertisers quickly and efficiently, these modules will simplify your daily work routine.

Get access to your data via our REST API. This module is ideal if you are planning to integrate our solution with your existing management software making a possible future transition hitch-free.


Groups allow you to easily handle multiple displays at once. Ideal if you own lots of displays which get supplied with the same content.


This module opens direct access to your customers. Let them directly upload and book their media elements so you just have to approve them.